15 Smart ways to Invest in yourself to avoid future Unemployment.

    There is no other money generating  programme as intelligent as humans in this whole world. Well,for that we need to put productive input in our system regularly. Keeping it active and updated by Investing in ‘oneself’.
     This is one of my favourite tip & topic of discussion as my curiousity has always got me invested in myself whichever scattered way it be. It has been transformational in many ways . Ultimately Self -Growth is all about investing in yourself.
     All the famous & celebrated successful minds have invested smartly in themselves during their growing years, to reach this stage today. No matter what field you are ,any form of learning will enrich your life to next level. You never know where that skill will come for your rescue in your bad times .
     Before you scroll down to look for the  tips I would personally request you all to first do a self – analysis on various aspects of your life ,evaluating the current economic situation & then go ahead and invest smartly in yourself as few tips given below may require good planning & evaluation for investing.

1. Online classes/courses/Webinar:
     Opting for online classes,courses or even webinar for that matter ,can make you knowledgeable in the field of your interest be it to expand your career knowledge or curiousity to discover new interests. Online courses will always add a brownie point on your resume ensuring your willingness to learn.

2. Current affairs :
  We all are directly or indirectly affected by what goes around us . Current affairs is not just restricted to students preparing for competitive exams, it also plays a crucial role in the job interviews,creating chances of you getting hired over other candidate for being aware of global issues. Try devoting atleast half an hour to keep updated with CF through newspapers,apps or any websites on a daily basis. It will surely give you a bird’s eye view on the global perspective which you can apply to your personal as well as professional life smartly.

3. Open linkedin Account :
    Linkedin is the most powerful & well known networking tool. You can call it your portable business card storage or Facebook with all official connections saved in your linked in account. It allows you to showcase your work experience , achievements also joining various group discussion s maintaining your online presence. This is a best platform to expand your network of collegues & bring you wonderful opportunities in future through your virtual network.

4. Invest in your passion :
  Passions are like those valuable assets in your brain account which can be converted in to a stream of income in your bad times or support your regular income . So indulging yourself in your passion be it anything ,with time,will surely grow to level of expertise,where you can make money out of it if required. It will not only nurture your soul but support you financially.

5. Invest time in creative business ideas:
   The impact of virus imposed lockdown on economy & lifestyle has resulted in a temporary requirement for new business ideas to serve the purpose .This would be a best time for all the upcoming Entrepreneurs who have creative bend of mind towards starting new business. Though it would take some time & efforts ,you can start planning in advance considering the requirements of ur customers.

6. Self grooming & appearance :
   Self grooming helps you enhance the  confident version of yourself demanding attention & respect from your colleagues looking at your appearance. Your first impression is unalterably your last impression. So get going and invest some time in your basic hygiene & decently presentable appearance. It will surely leave  a positive impression on interviewers mind.

7. Communication skills :
    As your appearance matters to the interviewer ,your communication skills equally matter a lot .Because they give you a glance on your intellectual ability to interact clearly, confidently & crisply to the point. Which is highly required skill for any employer to negotiate with their clients .Practicing communication skills daily  will surely improve your changes of getting hired quickly.

8. Retain good relationships with your existing seniors & subordinates :
   Employers usually hire candidate whom they know closely or through word of mouth,to ensure swift adaptability to their work culture. Connecting with your superiors or colleagues will give you needed support & fellowship also brightening your changes of multiple opportunities or getting rehired in future as they all know you closely.

9. Start a blog :
  Blogging is not just restricted to writers, its a versatile and smart marketing platform for few ,which may lead you to generate various ideas for your growth ,through wide network. Even if you do not have any business in hand but a handful of knowledge to share ,this platform has a power  to create or give you a business ideas in future. 

10 .Hire a life coach :
   They say life coach is your partner in success. They are like your ‘push’ button to achieve your future goals which requires tremendous amount of good planning ,focus & discipline. A coach will help you keep aligned with your goals regularly & expedite the process of  success ,helping you discover your work & life balance eventually.

11. Invest your money :
   Investing your money in range of choices like stock ,FDs ,SIPs,health insurance, real estate, mutual funds etc is the most efficient way to grow your money than merely opening a saving account and having your money lying idle in your bank . So be a smart investor & invest into something that fits your profile or requirment doing a little research . This will surely help you sustain your existing money. Meanwhile, allowing you to work stress free in other areas of life.

12. Learn different life skills :
   Not everyone is born equipped with all the life skills we require in our modern daily lives .We need to learn & practice them frequently to make our life easier and stress-free. It is a building block between your personal & professional life. Acquiring them can even save your life or someone else’s life one day. There are various life skills like driving, cooking,fixing basic things ,First aid, survival skills etc  Take initiative to learn them in your free time ,they will help you save your  money ,time or even a life one fine day, allowing you to concentrate effortlessly on your work efficiently.

13 . Read inspirational/ Self-help books:
  It doesn’t matter if you are not an avid reader . Quenching your curiosity for knowledge in smart ways is just what you need to do by learning from the mistakes of experienced & successful minds,just by reading a book. Isn’t it a smart way to fit yourself in todays rat race ?

14. Financial planning & savings :
  If you learn the art of financial planning & saving your money early in your life ,you can survive any level of income , satisfactorily allowing you to gradually upgrade your status. So if you think planning your monthly budget or saving is only for middle class citizens you are wrong . Savings in every stage of life should be habitual & disciplined. It helps you keep your obssesive spendings in track. As  You never know what surprise life has in store for you.

15. Health & wellbeing :
   We all are aware of the fact that today’s generation, unfortunately are becoming victims to health issues because of  lifestyle & stress they are going through, at an active age of 30s. Investing in your health & mental well-being is the only way to get privileged of the hard earned money you have earned for yourself. What’s the use if you are not alive to enjoy the benefits of your hard work !!

    “Remember, you are the most safest bank deposit with higher returns ,if channelized productively “

                  —  Gauri bellad ❤️


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