A Complete wind up on the Extension of my blog ‘ 1️⃣5️⃣ Self – Growth Initiatives & tips for beginners 🤗

          I started this blog due to my varied interest in all lifestyle topics. Gradually I noticed ,as the days passed my growing interest in ‘Self – growth ‘ or Self-development topics over other topics . No, that doesn’t mean I will be writing only  about these topics  in future. It’s just a pattern I observed with time ,that Self-Growth remains one of my best niche among all.
       As a Scanner I have this habit to pop on other topics before I clear the old shit . This has  been one of my habits lately ,and that’s why I  prefer going with the flow sometimes. I hope you all accept this messy writer as it is,I will really appreciate that .
       And therefore today I have decided to put an end to this gripping extension of my Blog ‘ Self-Growth initiatives & tips ,as  I enjoyed writing & researching it  throughly.
         This  has been the longest blog series on my blog post ,may be if things work together well in my favour ,I plan to convert this extented blog in a E – book. Please share your opinions if you think I should proceed with it .
     For now I proudly finish this unfinished work of mine ,by giving you a glance at this infographic below, for your understanding ,what a mess I could be( just kidding) also links through couple of related topics from my previous blogs .
       Why I think Initiatives are important before we start using the tips for our ‘Self-Growth’?
   I think its  extremely essential to form a base of unbreakable chain of self-growth initiatives , because we as humans are inadvertently  trained  to run behind all areas of life, but self – growth . By the time we realise it’s too late. We fail to understand that growing intellectually is not the only aim of our life ,it’s to grow simultaneously  in  various areas of life through experience  and evaluating your inner self .
    I knew people are not going to digest this topic so easily , because of their superbusy sophisticated lifestyles which has  no space for self improvement but unconscious addictive habits which takes over all the time converting it into procastination.
     So had to create this initiatives to actually make you feel in rhtym and necessity to adapt it as ur lifestyle change first and then grow gradually with the tips .
     Below are the initiatives you require  to keep your interest alive in self improving urself ….

1 Decluttered Self & surrounding :
     The reason I mentioned this point to be the first is because it’s so important to have clarity of things before you start with any journey or venture. And that clarity will only be possible if your mind, body & spirit are in the state of unison, to guide you further.
2. Self – awareness & Self – realization :
     When you are clear about lot of things in life, your self evolution starts naturally. Now ,You just have to be self – aware about everything around you, in order to come to a right solution. So that you are able to discover your real true self.
3. Self – Analysis :
      As this world is full of distractions its easily possible to get distracted from your focus. Hence regular Self – Analysis just plays its part to monitor the progress of your Self – Growth journey.
4. Consistency & persistence :
      Just practicing Self – Analysis randomly is not gonna work. You need to be consistent & maintain the persistence no matter what as we keep evolving, influenced by our surrounding, people around us, books we read, new habits we carry, so you have to keep a check on your new discoveries & Self – Analysis if it’s just a whim or part of a bigger purpose.
5. Habits forming morning & night routines :
      Why I found it necessary to make this point a part of initiatives is because more than our qualities, however focused plans we make, we are after all human beings, who keep getting distracted with this flashy world around easily, but we are still the slaves of our unconscious habits. We easily get comfortable with any habits we form. Since morning & night routines are one of the common regimes ,which enhances the quality of life & time management in our busy schedules, I find it as holistic approach to add in few productive habits, which will unconsciously lead you towards Self – Growth with ease and less of a burden.
6. Being Responsible :
        This is highly crucial quality one should possess in every area of life. People are not always born with it, they develop it over a period of time through hardships & circumstances in life. But what level of responsibility you have reached & are willing to take, will determine the quality of your life. So ask yourself, are you ready to take the responsibility of your self – transformation forever? or it’s just going to fade away from your life, like some old temporary ritual we once practiced. No one is going to teach you this particular subject of self management in your schools or colleges. It will grow only if you take the initiative to be responsible for your own quality of life.
        Well, though I think these 6 initiatives will really kick start your self growth journey with firm platform of all these points acting like pillars to maintain your desire for Self – Growth, if you find any other way to realize your best self, go ahead & follow it ,but follow it
   Self growth tips for beginners :
                 Self growth is all about connecting to our roots or inner self ,which is the true reason of our existence , spiritually or holistically. May be there are lot of micro tips which comes under these tips, but here I would like to compile these wholesome tips which will surely give you accomplished feeling as a  responsible humanbeing  with no regrets in life but filled with sense of satisfaction  & fulfilment.
1. Practice forgiveness & gratitude :
    Imbibing these two values in our lives makes such a big difference,to the way we think negatively all the time. They just kind of balance off the negativity inside your mind & sets you fresh to start newly with no burden of I’ll feelings in mind. They are the energy boosters on the path of life .Don’t forget to make this brownie points a part of your life.
2. Step outside your Comfort Zone :
     This is such an important aspect of ‘self-growth’ as only this aspect has the power to change your old perception,beliefs & fear which kept you in an open cage to stunt your growth. Exploring only multiplys lot of  possibilities & creativity around. Take micro step each day if you are afraid to come out of comfort zone. It will promise you make you confidence then ever before.
3.Productivity :
   I discussed about this topic in my previous blogs on workshops which is my way of keeping myself productive & creative .Find your own interest which add productivity to your daily monotonous routine & keep you always fulfilled & self sufficient .As time, is the boss of its own ,doesn’t wait for anyone,let’s utilize this time in planning , organizing or  investing in sensible things to do.
4.Discover your passion :
   When you are hit by boredom in your boring workoholic life,when you feel something is missing,people often say it’s time to discover your passion. Passion is something that keeps you going like a flowing river effortlessly,with all your old working routine. Because it has an ability to keep that spark alive for which you are born.
5. Moral values & principles:
    I can’t stress enough of importance on this tip . Every families have their own set of values & Principles,which they have followed for generations, inspired by their surroundings . Nurture them ,as they form a base of your character. It’s up to you which values & principles you keep & discard based on your experiences.
6.Protect Nature:
   Why this point is a part of self- growth is because,how you treat your Surrounding is going to come back to you. All living creatures on this planet are interdependent on each other,being the most intelligent,sensitive & destructive at the same time is our responsibility to protect the planet from ,manmade hazards. Dont be the last one to realize  what nature has been offering us,before it’s too late.
7. Help the needy :
   We all know there is unfairness around us everywhere. You will find rich ,moderately rich,middle class,lower middle class,poor or beggars all class of people around us. Depending  on the nature of your existing class ,try and offer helping hand to any genuine  person ,be it any one or any NGO if you think they deserve a chance to rebuild their self -esteem . If we are not considerate enough then who will be ?. So occassionally care to offer few percent of ur salary to those unfortunate ones. This will only encourage & build hopes in their minds,else this people will become victims of life’s bitterness,which will provoke them to commit crimes in future.
8.Watch/Read /listen to  motivational stories :
   This  has always worked with me ,in every stage of my life miraculously. As I think , it’s a super effective way to climb the ladder of self- growth smoothly. We all are visual creatures if we see or read something  very thought provoking  it evokes a sense of pride within us to inspire others,even if it lasts for shorter period of time, then imagine the effect it will have on  you in a longer run ,if you keep watching ,listening or reading motivational stories  occassionally. With time they will build a positive aura around you to face any adversity with resilience and  calmness.
        In this world of corruption, insanity , unhuman experiences, unfairness one Needs to take responsibility of your own self to refine it to the best version of you & influence others, so that we can ensure the sanity of our future world, which will not only keep our next generations safe, but also keep the legacy of taking responsibility for your own ‘Self- growth’ forever. Eventually diminishing the monsters created by our own mind

   ” So gear up and  switch off your Autopilot mode of daily lives & play the game of life manually evolving at every stage mindfully ,with fufillment & inner Happiness “




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