Celebrating 200 followers πŸ˜‡

          I Discovered , after starting  my blog, that being successful is not about being always on the top position, but growing each day, with your trial & error process and cherishing every tiny achievement on the way. As far as you are persistent & willing to grow and discover each day.
      And today I am so proud of this mini achievement of reaching 200 followers. Which definitely wouldn’t have been possible without your 50% support & acknowledgment my dear

electrifying co- bloggers & my beloved virtual friends. Thanks for being the propeller of my plane , who kept me going & helping me rising up high in the sky always.
      I agree and I am aware that my efforts towards growing my blog are little slow paced as I give more importance to my comfort & convenience. But trust me that is how it has always worked with me. And I am really happy in this balanced space ,because it keeps my creativity alive and moving.
        I definitely owe an Apology for being irregular with my schedules that I have been following lately, may be u can blame it on the extended lockdown boredom or the chronic fatigue it has caused in all of us at different levels. Bcoz , remember beyond all your achievements keeping  ur sanity intact is more crucial then anything. And that is  I what I am looking forward for right now, more than anything. But one thing I will assure you that I will be maintaining the continuity of my blogs regularly no matter what.
    So please keep motivating & acknowledging my content , only if u really really think its worth it , not otherwise and I mean it 😬. Bcoz that is what gives me a kick to stay inspired and keep inspiring …..

                      Luv u allπŸ’Ÿ


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