Writers Block

    It kind of hurts me ,when I don’t have anything to write …
     My glass is empty,
   My thoughts have dried up,
   God, pour some drops of words in my empty glass
  Give me a chance to prove myself fast
  I won’t disappoint you as I am a beauty of your spark 💫
  Words are identity of my soul,
    Pen is a medium ,through which I embellish them to the core
   I feel so incapable & useless looking at this blank page
  I feel like I have forced myself in this invisible cage ,as I have nothing left to paint in the outside world .
  Please ,help me cope up with this dull phase
   And Chase those creative words that truly resonates my personality, for which I longed for,throughout  this long space….

              Gauri bellad 💌

7 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Hmmm… this phase is experienced by every writer and you have beautifully expressed the same in this poem… 🙂
    Being in writers block is not a worry kind of thing. It’s just something wherein writers take a break for sometime… Thinking the other way round, writers block gives you chance to think to write in genre which you haven’t touched yet and come back with something new… Hence, writers block can be fruitful as well, if taken positively…

    Very nice poem indeed… I liked it a lot… 🙂

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    1. I completely agree with your diverse opinion.It must have happened with a lot of writers too. Thanks for speaking your heart out .I appreciate your constructive feedback. I hope I feel the other way round too during my phase one day ,as while writing this poem my train of thoughts was more insecure and a bit fearful this time. Thanks to enhance the positive effects of writers block too . 🙂

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      1. This is what I have experienced in writers block phase. I have been in that phase several times and for several months… But after being in that phase so many times, I have realised that being in writers block is not an unfortunate event but it can be utilised for positive and thought provoking ideas which never came previously and at the same time giving a chance to refresh yourself and coming back with something which you have not yet covered…

        Thanks for sharing your incident as well… Just see as you were fearful of writers block and you were able to pen down this good poem on writers block itself… 🤗👍

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