Mahipalgad table top- First micro outing post lockdown

        For those of who don’t know, currently I am in Belguam, at my inlaws place. I have not being to Pune since the outbreak . Belguam is a beautiful & placid city located at the foothills of Western ghats in Karnataka.  Being nestled at such a perfect location,is blessed with variety of spacious & secluded mountains & table tops near by .
        Post covid every traveler has become a bit extra cautious with their choices of bookings & travel destinations. Keeping this in mind we finally decided to take a call & start exploring our suppressed travel fantasies, which we kept holding for such a long time since lockdown.
             So one early evening,before the sunset we decided to visit this place called ‘ Mahipalgad table-top’ . It is rarely known place, situated between ‘Vaijnath temple ‘ and Mahipalgad village , approximately 18 to 20 km from belgaum . But geographically it comes under Maharashtra  border, under kolhapur district.
           Its not a wellknown tourist spot ,but personal favorite of  handful of people or may be more I don’t know, for the clear and spacious sunset view it offers with undoubtful serenity which instantly soaks ur being in this uncharted territory filled with blankets of varient scenic grass fields everywhere on the way.
           The road going ahead of  ‘Vaijnath temple’ towards the hilltop, leads you towards a man-made rocky & muddy trails just before Mahalgad village in the mid way on the left side of the road. This too comes under the village area. After a bumpy drive throughout  the trail it leads to this spacious secluded table top.        Enroute we had a glimpse of blooming variety of wild grass . Majority were the fountain grass. The view of this shimmering, soft fountain grass through the beaming evening sun rays was enough to impress us after a wait of long 6 months.
   The happiest part about this micro-day camping wast that ,we were the only humans on this serene table top. Isn’t it worth ur privacy tht to  in the covid times.
          After reaching there, we looked around, the views that this place has to  offer from different backgrounds &
angles of this place. Settled on  a thin carpet sheet we got along with us enjoying the spacious view of the sunset 🌇               
     Followed by a hot cup of coffee  & cup noodles..   A faded glimpse of the portable stove that we got along with us for making maggi n hot drinks.
       It was truly a natural unleashing of the moments we spend, post-covid lockdown. Probably it has also taught us how to live in the moment, keeping away the myriad of emotions & thoughts that we go through in our daily stressful routines, and immerse back in nature like never before.

      With these covid unlocks , let us also unlock the fog of our busy minds,that had kept us blind for so many years from the real beauty of true life around us. Cum let’s treat our eyes mindfully this time 🤗

                          Wish you all a safe and mindful travel experiences in future.

4 thoughts on “Mahipalgad table top- First micro outing post lockdown

    1. Oh that’s great u being to other non touristy places around. I can understand its really difficult for all the travellers across the globe being stuck at one place for a long. Hope things normalize soon. Thx for your comments Prachi. Keep rising keep writing.

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