A Trip to Unlocked Goa

          After our first, day trip to Mahipalgad post lockdown ,we were ready to take a plunge to plan our trip to Goa with all necessary safety precautions, knowing that Goa was open for tourist now. We were thoroughly excited for this 3 day trip post covid, yet cautious about our plans . As usual, we planned to stay in  North goa,considering it fits perfectly  for the current safety precautions we need to take being our fav part of goa, as its always less crowded,with pure  hippee vibes,and each family could have their privacy and spacious  area  for beach hopping
           While our feets were itching with excitement & curiousity to see the glimpse of post covid new normal goa,   tourism has  just started  building up slowly in this part, we could hardly see any hippees around, just a handful of them and few Indian tourist to our surprise. So we checked-in in ‘Leela Cottages’ in North goa, with a lots of hopes n expectations, but the  place dint really turned out to be as per our imagined Ambience. The staff was okie. Rooms were a bit Angloindian style,averagely comfy. Me and my husband are very fussy when it comes to the Ambience and the vibe of the place while booking hotels , but this time due to corona ,we had to list out the accommodations as per good hygiene standards. So we opted for this place.Never mind, not all the time u book the perfect hotel. 
  Day 1
     After checking in and freshening up we decided to head to this restaurant called ‘jardin d’ulysse’. It had perfectly soothing & attractive Ambience.We opted for a elevated gazebo, with beautiful view of river. The classic music playing in the background  perfectly set the tone of that slow  laid back life in 80s & 90s with no bustling sounds of city life around , a quiet river side ahead, allowing us to completely  immerse in that moment .             The food was equally delicious for the standard of the place.This time we experimented different  flavors in their Continental menu. Luckily we chose perfect meal options. For the  main course we had glazed filled bass with pea & tamarind sauce and baby potatoes n trust me they blended so well to our surprise.      We enjoyed this dish thoroughly. For starters we ordered Chicken sticks in peanut butter sauce. I was really not sure how this peanut butter would go along with it. but this too turned out to be equally delicious ,with creatively made tasty peanut butter burned sauce. Sorry ,I dnt have the pic to show as our hunger pangs were so strong at that moment,we simply couldn’t resist n digged into the starter plate instantly 😬     I was totally fascinated with their picture collections, so simple yet attractive, truly representing the laid back Bohemian culture of goa .
            In the afternoon we really wanted to relax a bit ,but our little monster was extremely eager & thrilled  to hit the beach to play with the sand toys.Knowing that we couldn’t deny her request,we reluctantly joined her plan.  It was scorching hot, but somehow we managed to have some creative time , building sand castles and experimenting with mandalas on the sand
       In the evening we walked around  exploring new places and restaurants nearby and settled for Italian pizza treat at a  nearby decent restaurant.
    Day 2
      So on our day 2 , to our surprise our wishes were granted unexpectedly .As I said earlier the rooms we were granted earlier were really off  structure wise ,which really dint appeal us. Something  was really off astethically. It was really affecting our  post covid desperately needed luxurious yet homely comfort .We planned to either check out this place or get a decent beach facing room. So after negotiating with the manager of this place and placing our expectations,he  was extremely  positive and empathizing to our  needs n comfort. with no delay further he offered  us the deluxe rooms without paying the difference.
                 Our new rooms were right opposite us, but facing towards beach, clearing all the negative vibes which we got in the earlier room. We finally found the comfort and the feel we were looking for.This time as a bit fussy tourists it was prominent to us that we were really particular of the vibe and  asthethics of the place at our first glance .
       This room really offered us  what we were looking for. We quickly settled down.Got ourselves feeling at home , with this spaciously designed suite, build up in old anglo Indian style.Not  exactly to our taste but served the purpose of the problems  we were facing .
      So after settling  down , we had our lunch in the hotel restaurant itself and our plan for the day was to go to Sweet lake at Arombol Beach. Though it’s a 20 min walk from the beach,we just enjoy coming to this place each year.The view of evening sun which was about to set , a rocket adding a magical line in the sky,and some paraglider in the vicinity really painted our exciting beachy vibes to Kickstart our mood  for the evening.        We played stunt kite , made  sand castles  clicked pictures n literally soaked inthe moment.What a  memorable time we had that evening . After coming back, since we were really tired, we opted for room services and got our diner in the room. And clashed for the day.

     Day 3
         We decided to start our day 3 heading to the hotel beach side , playing with the waves the last time before we say bye to this place tomm after checking out. After absorbing the refreshing morning healthy beach vibes we had our buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant. And decided to just chill out in the room for some while and leave for ‘Houses of Goa’ a museum and Thallasa a well known sunset view restaurant late afternoon.
          In that while I got my relaxing head massage done in the hotel spa. Also managed to be available  for my preschooler daughters class in the mid afternoon as her exams were round the corner. Had a bathtub water fun, pre bathing with my daughter. Had our afternoon  lunch in the restaurant. So finally  these relaxed souls were ready to explore for the day after starting our day lazy.
          House of goa was a treat to this creative soul, the way this museum was designed so architecturally creative and out of box .This place had compelled me right from the time we ticked it for our places to visit.It took us back in the Portugal history. And the houses and the furniture  which was used back then were so unique n richly designed.  I was  mesmerized  by this museum and the collection they had . The guide at the reception told us to also visit the art gallery on our way back. but we had to decide as we already had reservation at Thalassa. So it was either this or that. I was deeply upset being art fan I was really keen to explore  this Place.                  But never mind, the
‘Thallassa’ glamorous open party vibe with  gleaming sunset point made me instantly forget what I was regretting. My eyes were eagerly n fascinatingly obsorbing every moment of this vibe ,which I have been longing for such a long time. In spite of waiting for the table we were enjoying watching people dressed up glamorously with the  peppy music in  the background.CAUTION: Ur mind is a selfish creature,it will never make u cautious when u r carried away by the moment . Thankfully my husband shaken up both me n my daughters  excitement ,to think practically  if this crowded place was really safe post covid. I literally  had to wake my conscience  to make the right decision. After ingesting some moments of this kick ass vibrant vibes ,we responsibly  left the table as it was poring with people ,though they were wearing masks. We just dint feel safe enough the distance that we all were following.And hence left the place
Thanks to my husband.
            With our heavy hearts,we decided to explore few places around in Anjuna n head back to our hotel for dinner.     Look what I found on my way back , I just couldn’t stop looking at this cutely  designed Fancy & crafty fun looking boutique. I thought It was some handcrafted decor shop ,but it turned out to be organic cosmetic and candle boutique. Whatever it may be ,shopping at such a cutesy shop ,was a great deal to compensate  over our suppressed Thallasa vibes. Me and my daughter  purchased some organic lip balms, My fav rose essence sticks, n some face packs. U know sometimes women can really fill their tummies even by some random satisfying shopping 🛍 🤗
           Even though we dint really get to enjoy our last tempting spot on day 3 ,some how we were still  proud of our wisely planned trip post covid.And also being socially responsible citizens . We were refreshingly happy n content back home.
           This time in goa, though we were quiet satisfied in the safety point of view. There was something missing in the usual vibe of goa , which is incomplete  without hippees.Some how their presence on most of the beaches have really something to do with the essence of this place. The kind of culture they have created in goa ,have not just attracted people from few states but all over India.
   That Bohemienly authentic touch they add in goa ,was missed in this goa trip.Not that we dint had fun , we enjoyed all beachy vibes in goa , or I would rather say a new normal quaint Goa it was just distinctly serene.
    Wishing you all a happy, safe and socially responsible vacations ahead.

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