A Sneak peek into my Diy projects

       Every once in a while my hands itch desperately to do something creative. Its like the food for my mind. I get really restless or feel incomplete, when I have not experimented something creative.
     So apart from blogging I am a very artistic and crafty person. I love making something out of scratch or junk, like  recycled or upcycled Diys, Drawing Mandala’s or doodling occasionally. Even Calligraphy or lettering and experimenting with some poster designs and the list goes on….. It  just gives me a unique sense of accomplishment ,which I don’t find in any other activities. So here is my little Diy project which I made recently from my daughters Johnson baby powder box ,from the left over decorative materials from my daughters school craft projects.     
      During lockdown I discovered  my long last love for Crocheting.  Who says crocheting is just for granny’s. An art is art not restricted to any age .I hate it when people call me ‘Aunty’ for crocheting. And trust me I really don’t care what they say as far as I am enjoying the process and the itching in my hand muscles is replaced with soothing and calming effect of being productive every moment.
       I used to do it in my early marriage days.This lockdown I just happened to  stumbled upon my old crochet kit in my home, somewhere in sept this year, I was completely carried away with an uncontrollable urge of nostalgia for that moment. And the next thing you know is, I instantly started looking for crochet tutorials for beginners on you tube. Since then there has been no looking back, I feel like I am getting addicted to it. My hands kind of sense this discomfort, when my crochet kit is away from me.
     Do you see, what a creative mess I can be. Being a scanner my eyes are always tempted to pounce on new fancy looking projects ,but when the time comes to finish ,I am messed up and already lost in the long list of projects and ideas & things to do….
     So here’s my another handmade crochet hot pink floral neck piece choker, which I adamantly planned to make before my trip to goa.    I also made a head band for my little one. Simultaneously, in excitement I also starting crocheting for a crop top too ,but my plus size 🙊 dint allow me to finish my project on time . May be I  can show that some other time if it pans  out as I wished 🤗     Do what you like ,as they say there is not a single person on this planet that can match your finger print ,then why care ,ur individuality, only you can understand. Let others spend time bitching about you ,while you enjoy the process called ‘LIFE’
                             ♥️ Gauri Bellad ♥️

4 thoughts on “A Sneak peek into my Diy projects

  1. I love your pink necklace! My Mom crocheted and taught me when I was a kid. Years later, when she was ill, we would spend the hours together-each of us making “granny squares” that we later made into afghans. I treasure them so much now, I will get them out just to hug “Mom”!!

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    1. Thanks Susan😊. There is something about crocheting that leads to such beautifully woven nostalgic memories with your loved ones. It indeed must be one of your precious memories spend with your mother. I am glad you treasure them so much 💖. I too plan to make granny squares, in near future ,they make u feel so nostalgic and vibrantly positive ,have already 📌 in my pinterest saves. Thanks Susan for sharing such a adorably glorious memory with me. It does make me feel ‘ nostalgic’🤗

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