One Step at a Time

      A lot has happened in the past year for us to even start our next year enthusiastically. But that certainly  doesn’t mean we dwell into that uncertainty till the vaccine comes or the new strain stops spreading.Life will go on,with virus or without virus, with lockdown or without lock down. What matters is the need of the hour to carry forward the lessons that we learned in 2020. It doesn’t matter if you dont make any of those fancy resolutions. JUST put in action what you have learned in the last year individually or mutually to all of us.
          Let each of us who have survived  this dreadful strom, understand the fact ,that life is too precious, to constantly run in the rat race of hi-tech world. Intellectually, we all are so used to run behind to grab that huge chuck of money or recognition to live the rest of our lives comfortably, boasting our egos. In that process we have completely  forgot our existence and responsibility  towards other species and nature. You think, there are many to think of that. Yet the sad part is those many also think the same.Why wait for others to push you,when u have the capability to make small changes to ur lifestyle and surrounding on a daily basis.
      As much as the worst things the 20th century has seen, let us vow this new year, to make that historical change, by not forgetting our  responsibility towards the Nature. Let each new year resolution not just start with ur selfish endeavors, but also keeping our ‘Planet’ goals in mind. If our planet is safe we are safe,if we are safe our future generations is in the good hands….. May u live all years mindfully here on, keeping our planet goals in mind and create an inspiring  history for our generations to look forward.
      Let’s pass the hard lessons we have  learned last year,responsibly & mindfully to our new generations by implementing eco-friendly lifestyle habits and way of living. If we fail this time ,it’s not we who are going to bear the brunt ,we have already lived our half lives. It’s our innocent new generation who is going to confront it. If not for the planet ,atleast take a tiny step to contribute to any micro environmental goal if you truely love your little ones or care for their bright future. As it is ,the modern stressed lifestyles are going to do no good to them.
      Let’s just make sure they are atleast in the safe environment ,breathing the fresh unpolluted air,the birthright they all deserve .
      One tiny step by you , will motivate the person who sees u . And the cycle will go on…. why wait then ,be the first one to take that tiny step.

            Wish you all a thoughtfully jubilant & responsible year ahead ,may we all discover our new blessings in disguise and put them in action once and for all ,for the benefit of humanity & our Mother Nature…



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