The cost of Life ? ( Reblogged)

“Conserve”, because No, nature does not need us instead we need nature to stay relevant as life on earth.” By the end of 2020, the year had dented many a egos; almost all brands; Fashion, went out of fashion. Food, nobody trusted nobody’s hand. People afraid to touch, and our homes turned into new day […]

The cost of Life ?

      A  beautifully articulated post by ‘Narayan Kaudinya’ from ROAD TO NARA.An informative piece of information on environmental  awareness reminding all humans ‘ What goes around ,comes around ‘.

2 thoughts on “The cost of Life ? ( Reblogged)

    1. It was truely an informative post ,it deserved genuine attention and appreciation for curating it so beautifully with a deep research. Specially to create awareness among people on air – pollution and other environmental factors. Keep writing keep rising. 🤗

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