Why Acceptance is the second step towards recovering from a Mental illness?


I am not a trained professional in Psychology or Mental health. My intention to share my story is merely to raise awareness among people and the stigma attached to it. Please consult a professional if you go through depression, anxiety, or any mental illness.

Reminiscing into the old bad memories is like,perpetually tasting untasty food and spoiling your after taste.That’s how I felt throughout the blog series of my depression story. The after taste was just not ready to go back and I had to take a short break to rebalance my mood.

I am glad some how I managed to finish my depression and OCD story gracefully without affecting me much. But there were few more blogs I wished to add to this niche for my readers ,that would really help the people suffering from mental illness ,through my research and my own experience as a sufferer.

Apart from the regular tips to recover from depression or any other mental illness. I think the very immediate tip or step anyone who is suffering from mental illness or new to it should follow 4 important steps to immediately detach yourself from the societal trauma and stigma which is attached to the illness before its too late.

  1. Having Awareness of your mental illness
  2. Acceptance of your your mental illness
  3. Not expecting empathy or support from others
  4. Visit the professional and get help

Restarting from where I left on the last mental health blog on Why Awareness is the first step towards recovering from mental illness .From awareness emerges the courage to accept any odd situation. Today I am going to explain you the importance of accepting what has happened to you, is the only way to come to terms with recovering yourself

When I first experienced depression ,the shock of something wrong with your mental health itself is just so unbearable, because practically if you see ,you are confident and functional as a normal human being because your brain is operating normally. Now all of sudden you experience some imbalance in its functionality can really threaten our being. Worse when you are not even aware what is wrong with your mind .

The initial days of shock and anticipation of not coming back to normalcy ,simply doesn’t let you come to a level of acceptance. Because your self-esteem is endangered beyond limits. Therefore here as you can see awareness of the illness plays a crucial role to help you deal with the fact that there is a possibility of cure to such unknown feelings of despair which are caused by a particular mental illness. This clears your path to come to terms with accepting the fact that its all illness and not you. You are finally stable to take some level of responsibility for yourself by accepting what went wrong inside your being.

Acceptance is all about facing the reality the way it is be it odd, bizarre or atrocious enough to leave you crippled or in a state of denial ,but embracing it eventually without judging oneself ,opens incredible paths in one’s journey for displaying self courage ,by accepting who you are.

If you notice, Awareness and Acceptance goes almost hand in hand . One prepares the other to take on any mental mess head on to work for a solution on it.

Unlike physical ailments which are visible to all, mental illness needs a lot of inner work and efforts,inspite of being ill to make it prominent and acceptable to the outside world which still lives on myth. And to face the outside world filled with stigmas and rejections, one needs to built that inner strength through awareness and Acceptance not for anyone else but for your own sake ,to fight this humiliating illness where neither your mind is on your side nor the world ,like a one man army. And trust me you can do it if you sincerely follow these 2 A s .

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