Why, not expecting Empathy and Support from your loved ones is the 3th step towards recovering from mental illness ?


I am not a trained professional in Psychology or Mental health. My intention to share my story is merely to raise awareness among people and the stigma attached to it. Please consult a professional if you go through depression, anxiety, or any mental illness.

Irrespective of being eventually adaptable with your new abnormal self ,there will be times your surrounding or your close acquaintances would not understand the new you,they might even be unknowingly harsh on you. You still have to keep going without playing the card of victim mentality,because after accepting your newself you are no more new to your illness ,but they are definitely new to it ,so stop expecting your loved ones to read your mind ,no matter how close are they to you.

This illness is such ,that being the sufferer we are still lost in the flurry of unexplainable feelings and thoughts trying to make sense of our broken emotional turmoil. Do you really think others outside your mind will be able to make out what disgusting feelings you are going through?

When I was trying to unfold the misery of my newly developed depression I was somehow aware of the fact that my parents would never understand me ,from the kind of upbringing I had been brought up ,with traditionally laid back thought process they followed .Though they were free and casual enough to give us our freedom ,somewhere down the line it was restricted to orthodox thinking in some aspects.Mental illness was never discussed openly or even seen in our near community.

As their child I would still wish that they would understand me ,what I am going through. In this process ,I would often end up hurting myself further, self-pitying for being lost in some no man’s world .

In many cases a lot of sufferers in the process of expecting empathy from their loved ones ,eventually get hurt ,keeping things to themselves, further delaying the treatment.

And that is why as a sufferer I have realized, its practically sensible to not expect any empathy or support from your loved ones. Come to an understanding that being symptomatically invisible is a part of this hidden illness. You have to muster up your courage to be your own guardian,while you are dreading with uncertainty. I know its the toughest thing to do ,yet the only solution to get you out of the rabbit hole the second time when u lose hope, and are on the verge of harming yourself or others.

Off course if you are lucky enough, you might stumble upon people who can really understand, what you are going through, from their own experiences. Yet it rarely happens .

So the step no 3 to get yourself out of the this stigma or illness is to be your own warrior ,no matter how hard it may seem, remember you are just one step closer towards your recovery. Huddle together all the broken pieces of your mind and fight this war for yourself confidently anyway.This is neither your fault ,nor your loved ones ,but the ‘invisible symptoms ‘ that this tricky illness comes with.

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