Mahashivratri- The Night of Stillness…

    I can’t believe ,the time has slipped so fast and I have completed almost 2 years of my Blogging ,with the blessings of ‘Lord Shiva’😇. And here I am celebrating the most personal favorite festival of the year ‘ Mahashivratri’, which gives me a chance to soak up in spirituality, analyzing my journey as a spiritual seeker and ways to improve my spiritual growth in future.
      According to the ancient Hindu scriptures there are various stories rooted with the significance of this night. The story behind this festival which I had vaguely assumed to be the reason for the celebration  was that, it was the auspicious night when Lord Shiva and Parvati got married.But last year of Mahashivratri changed my understanding of the significance of this festival ,which is much more then just the celebration, when I accidentally stumbled upon a video of  Sadguru ‘ Jaggi Vasudev’  on the importance of this night. I was absolutely mesmerized to know the deeper spiritual significance behind this festival , which also has a scientific relevance ,as this night, all the constellations are in a favorable position ,which allows us to wake the divinity within us effortlessly due the upsurge in the cosmic energies.
          Stressing on to the significance of ‘ Mahashivratri ‘ as told by Sadguru ,
   In yogic tradition, Shiva is not only worshiped as a God, but considered as a ‘Adiguru’ or ‘Adiyogi’,the very first guru from whom the science of yoga originated.  After many millennia in meditation one day he became absolutely still. And that day is called as ‘ Mahashivratri ‘. Which is also called as the night of stillness. The word ‘ yogi’ means one who has realized the oneness of the existence. This miraculous night of ‘ Mahashivratri ‘ offers people an opportunity to experience this. It allows us to seek the higher truths of the life that are within us through Meditation and staying awake this night.
        Our external eyes allows us to see only certain dimensions, which are restricted to to our physical reality, but the third eye of Shiva refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness which has the ability to destroy all the negativity of materialistic world ,and looking life through a new spiritual dimension.
      This is the true purpose of  humanity ,which sadly is drifted towards selfish material goals in today’s world.This night of Mahashivratri and many more to come, offers us this beautiful opportunity to connect with our innerself, with the privilege of these upsurge in the cosmic energies which happens only once in a year. Therefore, tonight on this auspicious night of Shiva I urge you to reflect into your inner world ,to discover those infinite possibilities which you always had inside you but never utilized it to its true potential.

    ” Shiva is in me and you ,
Shiva is in everything around us,
Shiva is that life force from which you & me are made.
Shiva is that ultimate truth of life and death,
It always existed and never ended ,
But to our eyes physical reality is the only truth of life,
In reality the mysteries of this mystical Supreme being lies in
the third eye, which reflects towards your innerself ,
That is the Shiva inside you “
   Shiva is in me and you…..

                  The Third eye Chakra
                 Dedicated to lord Shiva 🙏

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