Balanced life -An art we should keep learning

As a Teenager or Bachelorette I never bothered to strike that balance to my lifestyle because I was the only one who I had to take care of. And off course under very well nurturing care of our parents things just fall in place . Until we get married which comes with a bundle of […]

Balanced life -An art we should keep learning

         Looking back at this topic ,which I had written as a random blog in the middle of my Personal-Growth series, I am glad to discover, the truth and the purpose behind my Lifestyle blog as I evolve . It would have been difficult for me to find my true purpose behind my blog ,being a Multipotentiolite if I wouldn’t  have gone through my blog patterns ,to check what I am all about.Striking a balance to life was always one of my favorite goals and belief that it would lead to a fulfilling and satisfying life in this materialistic world that we live in. And adding a Holistic approach to this intellectually stressful life,will work wonders to all human beings whatever your belief patterns are ,not just in terms of stress, but over all wellbeing.To put it in simple words, When our mind ,body and spirit are aligned in union,we can make the best version of ourselves,then living any sophisticated balanced life intellectually, but with no sense of mindfulness or purpose as a whole.No matter how much we deny ,our mind,body and spirit are dependent on each other.If you mindlessly live robotic life inside your body, thinking you can do it all by yourself , the time will come when you will understand that your mind and spirit are equally important aspect of your life not just the physical world.
    Every individual learns their lessons of life in different phases, but if you have already realized, the importance of aligning mind,body and spirit together, then why wait to make the best version of yourself ,when we can live a fulfilled and satisfying life on earth without regrets if we live it Holistically right know.
    To live a happy life on earth you dont have to be religious or a God believer ,you are already a spark of that Creator all you have to do is align your mind, body and spirit together so you will be able to see all the multidimensional possibilities as a whole and focus from me to US.
    And that is why a Holistic approach is the key to a wholesome and Balanced fulfilled life.🤗

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