A sneek peek in my DIY projects

      Creativity is like my Charger ,which has an ability to rejuvenate me to an extent that I can take on any shitty things happening in my life positively.Not just that it helps me come over my writers block too. So in this self- discovery journey of mine,as I predict,you are gonna expect a lot of my DIY projects in future occasionally, when my battery goes off. Here are a few dearly projects that I experimented in the last few months,between my Blog publishing gaps and I really adored how they turned out to be,being my first attempt on each skills I experimented .     The above Crochet project has taken a long time as I was doing it at my own pace,but I really enjoyed everybit of this design. Its magical how certain skills like crafts or even sports,teaches you some meaningful life lessons. While I was dis motivated at times, every stitch of crochet reminded me to keep going ,keep growing slowly at your own pace until you reach the goal .It was my visual companion which not just kept my creative juices flowing ,but also kept me motivating through this mundane rides. And this is a final piece I create ,weaving through  all the mixed memories. Practically speaking this is my first huge crochet project .Still a long way to go…
     This clay model was made, inspired by the personality of my Mil( Mother in law) and her love for knitting and Crocheting ,very unexpectedly we decided to make it for her on her birthday.  And again this is the very first clay project I have tried my hands on.But I simply loved how it turned out to be,very similar to her personality. I always try to make an effort to use recycled things that can be used for craft ,so this one I made on a left over block of wood I found.You really can’t evaluate your potential  to the best until you give yourself a chance to explore on everything that you love to do.

      This project was a planned project,I wanted to make it for the 50th anniversary of my Chacha and Chachi.So luckily to fulfill the ingredients of my project,itsy bitsy had just been inaugurated in Belguam,at this span of time.And I was super excited to explore this shop which will finally unlock the imagination I was looking for. Though this project was not exactly the way I wanted ,it still turned out to be pretty refined for a starter to start her journey as a crafter and an artist.Coming to the moulding of the faces on my own,being a self taught leader, I seriously found it daunting initially if this would be a successful project, but my will to mould the faces as per my expectations finally lead me to this satisfactory piece of hard work = Super happy me🤗.

  Creativity is my soulfood,my stress buster,it’s the secret ingredient of my happy life and soul ♥ What’s yours?



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