What is Holistic living? Why Holistic living is the best key to live a wholesome and Balanced life ?

Holistic living is intentionally and mindfully living in balance with your mind ,body and spirit. Holistic living enables you to have a birds eye view in all areas of life ,which includes physical ,mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

To make it more scientifically convincing, even WHO defines health with this United approach ie ” Health is not merely absence of disease, it is a physical ,mental social and spiritual well-being “

We in this modern world are so hypnotized with our own creations that we fail to notice the interrelation of all these aspects to our human mechanism, which itself is created by laws of nature and yet we are behind creating our own concepts and laws. Most of us think there is absolutely no relationship between health and spirituality. For those who are still blindfolded, spirituality is not religion it is the life-force within us which itself has some self healing properties, how do you think other species in the world heal on themselves? Seems like they are more smarter then us. We are blinded with our intelligence and are running behind technology like a headless chicken ,except exploring our real truth.

How many of you have realized by now that all these aspects of life are interconnected?. Let’s take some simple examples to prove the interrelation of your body and mind . How do you feel the next day ,when you have slept only for few hours.That too a disturbed sleep? Do you feel enthusiastic and positive enough to start your day ?

How many times in your life ,while you were going through a rough emotional patch or constant stressful situation which led to lifestyle diseases like BP, piles, diabetes or even anxiety ?

How many times in your life, inspite of having everything by your side you have felt incomplete and something majority missing?

Why do you think this imbalances in all aspects of your life have occurred? Because non of them can live in harmony until you mindfully work towards them with united approach .

” If you want to find the secrets of the universe then think in terms of energy,frequency and vibration ”

– Nickola Tesla

Scienfic researchers have proved that humans are energy forms, for everything that we take in ,the sounds we make, the actions we take ,the thoughts we think, the intentions we create ,there is a level of energy created around us. Relate this in formation with other aspects of our lives.

Unconsciously we all are creating a lot of negative energies around us ,which affects all the aspects of our life. People aligned with all these aspects are able to radiate at higher frequency and thus become best versions of themselves. No matter what standard of living you are in ,no matter what stage of professional growth you are in ,you will experience a sense of fulfillment within ,when all these energies are aligned with each other.

Because it empowers the person to further take responsibility for their own well-being,which gives birth to ‘Personal- development ‘ in your life. You experience a remarkable shift in your mindset and your goals when all aspects of your life are aligned.

Holistic living not only aligns you with mind ,body and spirit but also the laws of nature.It rekindles our relationship with the nature. It is a modern way of living spiritually aligned and staying connected with your inner life force…..

That’s why it’s truly said we are spiritual beings having human experience, not humans having spiritual experience. As humans we have completely forgotten this truth of life. It’s time we realize it.

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