Why today’s world needs a Holistic lifestyle?


Following content is the compilation of various sources and not completely my content .The intention of this blog is to Emphasize the Holistic living which began even before human civilization had formed.

Do we agree with the fact that we all are living in completely imbalanced world then what our ancestors lived. The air quality is deteriorated ,food is adulterated ,epidemics of obesity and lifestyle diseases is become a part of our life.Climate change over the period of time is another addition ,that we have literally forgotten which season comes when? Almost everyone in the fast paced world is struggling to manage high stress due to competitive environment everywhere ,with rising population.

Both the crisis of climate change and coronavirus are the living examples that humans cannot be healthy unless the planet is is healthy too, says Elena Bennett, an ecosystem ecologist.

The root cause of all environmental problems on earth is rising needs of greedy and selfish human population day by day. To deal with this,we need to change spiritually and culturally. The main cure for this is ‘ Holism ‘ where both science and spirituality work together. And this is only possible by having holistic approach towards your, mind, body and spirit.

The wise believe that holism is the key for human survival on earth. As this practice will only turn us from me to Us as a whole.

Holistic living not just focuses on our personality needs,but spiritual needs as well and empowers us on the path of personal – growth, not just externally but internally too.

There are around 84,00,000 species on earth . Do you think all of them make medicines or go to doctors? Then how do they heal on themselves ? Because they are very much connected with their life force ,which itself is healing in nature.

I think in today’s, modernized high tech life,like a auto pilot,people have forgotten to connect with their inner being. We are just operating on body and intellectual level . We don’t even consider there is something called mental ,emotional and spiritual well-being.That is why in this unprecedented reality, which is hit us so badly ,people are finding it difficult to cope up on body and intellectual level. Bcoz their mind ,body spirit are not aligned. If they learn to take care of all aspects of their life , they will feel more fulfilled and contented with life, and naturally be equipped with resilience to face such unpredictable reality. Eventually this will make them more responsible towards, not only their over all wellbeing but also environmental well being as we all are connected.

To realize and experience this we all have to be aligned with our spiritual self ( the life force ,inner core) ,from where the life itself existed for the first time on this planet. That which we are Breathing right now.

Breathe is life ,the devine healing force ,because of which we are still alive let’s respect it and make it a mindful living with each breathe we take


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