What does ‘Happiness is a state of mind’really means ?

We all seek for long lasting happiness in our lives.They say, happiness is a state of mind. But can our minds really be happy all the time really? No right. Then what does this exactly means? Let me throw some light on this thought, to explain what exactly does this mean.

One day human asked God, “God you have blessed me with everything, but where is the long lasting happiness ?. God replies to human ,” look within there is an option for long lasting happiness.”Next day human comes complaining,”God you said there is long lasting happiness within ,but I dint find it any where”. God says ,my dear child ,I have already blessed each and every human with a option of long lasting happiness in this world ,but when you came in this world, you created your own version of happiness ,which is materialistic, you never looked within yourself deeply. I have given you a choice to change your mindset at any given point of time ,but for that you should be aware of it and not live life mindlessly.

To make you understand this conversation, in even depth, I would like to take you back in the origin of existence.

In the materialistic world we all have our own version of happiness.Some find happiness in money ,some find happiness in giving,some in luxury, talking to kids or finding their life purpose. We all have a vague understanding of happiness, that it does exist,it’s just that it’s not long lasting . And the truth is, it will never be long lasting ,unless you make a conscious shift in your mindset .

When you go back to the existence of life on earth, do you know how earth was formed ? As per the scientists there was a loud bang from a darkness and light came out ,which is nothing but pure consciousness.This itself is a proof that life cannot exist without there is balance in two opposite poles like day & night ,earth & sky ,man & women, similarly happiness and sadness.

So there is no way we can escape from this truth . But inspite of all these existential complications ,our God or Supreme intelligence or whatever you wish to call ,is so carefully and magnificently wired our minds that we are given an option of making a choice at any given point of time ,by shifting our mindsets and perspectives from sadness to a state of blessings, which we have been constantly being receiving from the universe, regardless of how bad the situation around us is .And that I call is a key to true and long lasting happiness on planet earth 🌏

“So happiness is a state of mind ,because you can make a choice to continue being happy and detach yourself from pain at any given point of time “

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