Holistic Living -Being a Conscious Creator of your own Life

There are a lot of myths & notion around Holistic living ,as Holistic living has always being associated with natural living or opting for natural healing modalities, going on a Plant based diet or going completely organic .

Well I believe the true meaning of choosing to live a Holistic life is all about being your own creator. Having faith in yourself through awareness,mindfulness and living an intentional life with purpose. It’s all about designing your own life ,on your own terms ,keeping your genetic make ,your core values & beliefs in mind and creating a beautifully designed combination that only suits you as an individual.Be it on body level ,mind level or soul level.

As far as you are giving necessary nourishment to yourself as a whole, which suits your current needs that’s all really matters.

When I accidentally discovered, that all this while I have been living a holistic lifestyle almost, with a heightened sense of awareness,while struggling with my mental disorder,just that I was unaware that it fit into this whole term called ‘ Holistic lifestyle. It felt like I was able to solve ,the scattered puzzle of my varied interests, put together in every blog that I wrote and kept rediscovering, every inch of me day by day.

During my further research on this newly discovered identity, I too had a similar notion if I decide to completely accept this way of life ,will it mean I have to cut on meat or go vegan? This was the only factor coming in my way to embrace holistic life completely for what it means technically.

I tried to fit myself self as a vegan ,though lately I have been enjoying varieties of veggies ,but eating meat once in a while gives me that accomplished indescribable satisfaction. If I decide to cut it down instantly I would lose on a major ingredient in my life which is associated to my soulful feelings when I used to relish variety of cuisines specially the non-veg ones. And this would simply kill the meaning of me being happy or me being me.

To think on the environmental aspect ,I thought I was really being unfair ,specially post-covid,when a lot of us got sensitive and conscious of our consumption patterns which would harm the environment. I wanted to come out with a balanced plan where I can respect the lifestyle I have being living in my genetic make ,yet with a conscious efforts to cause less harm or damage to the environment, with my limited capacity of mindful adjustment as a individual.

And then, in this process of keeping my body,mind and spirt happy ,healthy and aligned which actually is the true meaning of this lifestyle, I tried to design my own life ,by restricting non-vegetarian for 2 or may be 3 days max in a week and going vegetarian on the rest of days which includes religious festivals.

I have always been a believer of natural remedies when it comes to using products on my body and mind ( Unless it’s an emergency). I still prefer 100% henna on my hair over chemical based treatments in parlour. For my anxiety meds I have switched to Ayurveda as a back up. Also when ever I have minor ache I Try to heal it naturally first unless it gets out of control. This way I feel I am not causing harm to my body and mind ,with antibiotics, which cause acidity and other side effects.

Now I have become more conscious and mindful while choosing any products I buy,be it in kitchen or cosmetics. I always make it a point to keep environment as the first factor ,before going ahead for any purchase and then the body and mind requirements. And I have already started loving the life I am creating for myself as a whole and environment as whole. I am sure post covid a lot of us have learned our own lessons collectively as humans. And I believe it is our responsibility, here on to live a life with intention of preserving our environment first then our materialistic goals, to see our next generation living a peaceful and harmonious life .

Well I have already decided to take responsibility of designing my own life for the betterment of society ,nature and lastly my own spiritual growth in the process ,what’s your take on this?

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