7 Qualities that will help you live a Holistic Life

You must be already living a Healthy lifestyle, yet taking it to the next level to live more Holistically and designing the life of your dreams ,you need to adapt certain qualities that will help you design an authentic holistic life naturally without much efforts.

As far as I know Holistic Living is all about living consciously. Due to this apparent fact mindfulness, awareness & intentional living holds a lot of value as these are the qualities that set the foundation to reach the final destination of Holistic living. They help you give the clarity & clear intention as to why you should choose to live your life on your own terms holistically from your own observation. Well there is no doubt these qualities are essential to live a Holistic lifestyle, but apart these, from my experience I believe there are few more qualities which can help you live holistically as well ,which I have added to the list of original qualities.Hope you relate with it too

1. Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is one of the key feature / Quality of Holistic living. For me Mindfulness is a tunnel to expand your awareness eventually. It is an effort to stay in present without judging your flow of thoughts much. It helps you stay in the moment also allowing a good focus on the things you wish to work upon. Imbibing Mindfulness as a quality reaps a lot of benefits not only to your mind but also to the surrounding as a whole.

2. Awareness:

In Spiritual terms ,Self – awareness is a door to access our inner self which helps us Create sync with our own mind gradually with practice. When you have a heightened sense of awareness the feeling of wholeness surrounds you. Having awareness of your whole as well as surrounding makes a lot of impact on the knowledge you absorb a whole. It sharpens your self realization also decision making skills in all aspects of life.

3. Intentional living :

All these years may be we were living intentional lives professionally. But after the pandemic, we all have learned to live intentionally on a personal level too ,as that is what matters the most and builds a strong foundation for a big purpose in life .Being mindful,being aware gives a clarity to live an intentional life which are aligned with your core values ,beliefs and understanding of universal truths.

4. Personal Development:

Personal development is the essence of Holistic living. Remember I mentioned in last bloghttps://creativemesscom.home.blog/2021/07/26/holistic-living-being-a-conscious-creator-of-your-own-life/ Holistic living is all about creating a life you wish to design consciously. Well for it to happen taking personal responsibility is the starting point. This desire has to stem from within you willingly. Personal responsibility is the only key to start the journey of personal growth Humans have a tendency to associate personal development to merely one aspect of their lives.In reality personal development is and inside out approach in all areas of life. Holistic personal development magically evolves you to a massive transformation. If you have a natural bend for personal growth ,then this journey is going to be a smooth ride for you to begin.

5.Being Spiritual:

I do not intent to confuse you all by mentioning this point as a quality as well as a part of 3 major elements that makes Holistic living complete. What I want to simplify here is that if you are already blessed with a certain level of spiritual understanding you must be knowing your self much better then others. It is with this understanding I believe being spiritual in itself is super power already for you to live Holistic life.

6. Being Environment Conscious:

A lot of us have already realized the power of Reverse Environmental hazards during this dreadful phase of pandemic. Having a natural inclination for the nature ,develops the understanding of interconnectedness that we all share as living creatures on this planet.It refrains your attention from me to US. Having said that being aware of magical powers of the nature to heal us,makes its easier on a human level to be more self less and conscious for the betterment of everyone.

7.Staying Grounded:

Here I am not addressing grounding with terms to physical grounding techniques , but grounding as a human being and having the awareness that we are here on this journey on earth limited time span and to make most out of it without living a life of regret is your sole responsibility. No matter what roles we have being offered in our lives and superficial layers of identities attached to it ,at the end of the day we are just human beings with perishable bodies with consciousness. This basic universal truth will naturally align you with holistic living on a spiritual level.

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