The Power of you : Book Review

BOOK: The Power of you

AUTHOR: Rashi Roop Laxami

PUBLICATION: Notion Press/2021

GENRE: Non-fiction/ Personal-Growth

About Author:

Rashi Roop Laxami has been a life coach, a renowned tarot reader and a consultant for last 14 years. As a manifestation coach, Rashi loves to transform the lives of scores of people,helping them realize and manifest their dreams. This book is an expression of all the experiences she has garnered throughout her journey and now a medium through which Rashi hopes to reach out to the people. Rashi is also a blogger ( and active Podcaster who empowers people and helps them manifest themselves.

Book Review:

The Power of you ‘ is a beautifully curated Power packed book by Rashi Roop Laxami to help people manifest their dreams,by first erasing their unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs which are the biggest invisible barriers in their way to success and giving them practical and generic tools & technique suitable for everyone to implement in their lives.

The Book is divided into two parts. First part is all about your inward personal growth and second part is all about outward personal-growth.I loved the sequence of topics chosen by the author to help you unleash the real you. Being an empath her efforts to bring maximum value to the readers is reflecting throughout the book in the form of nuggets of wisdom ,not only restricted to chapters but each paragraphs you come across. Each topic is articulated meticulously by the Author keeping readers understanding of mind. A lot of complicated concepts are expressively simplified by the Author by giving some countless of unique examples and Inspiring true stories.

I have read a lot of Self- help books ,but this is one of the rare books I literally read each sentence carefully as each sentences were intricately woven by the author with firm grip of pure experience that gave life and value to each sentences making it a work of excellence. I truely admire the depth of knowledge she put in to make it simpler for the reader to grasp.

Apart from multiple nuggets of wisdom this book is also filled with some great collection of quotes relevant to the topics

Few of my favorite quotes from the book :

Tennis legend Martina Navrati lova said that every game in life is actually played on a 6 inch ground – The space between your two ears. “

” Don’t let anyone steal your dreams . Not even you ” – Rashi Roop Laxmi

Always aim for the moon even if you miss,you will be among the stars – W Clement Stone”

It is said that wherever your focus goes energy flows . Remember what we FEEL is a result of what we are choosing to focus on – Tony Robbins ”

Know yourself and you will win all battles ” – Sun Tzu

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete ,everyone will respect you. – Lao Tzu

This book is a reflection of the authors  heart and soul put in each and every sentence knitted so diligently adding nuggets of gold in each paragraph you come across. It’s like a bagful of golden experiences shared by the author selflessly   for the benefit of the reader. This book is not just a reference guide for the tools and techniques to rewire you brain, but it’s like a manual to look back upon again and again when you loose your way

I Strongly recommend this book to :

# People who have low self – esteem and self – Confidence

# People who are looking for clarity and direction

# Budding Entrepreneurs

# People with Mental health issues

# Simply an inspiration read for any reader.

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