My Future version 2.0 (2025)

NOTE : The Anouncement of my version 2.0 is a part of Digital Deepak Internship program. As per the assignment it is recommended that we publish our future self in public domain as it creates a pressure for you to become that person. When we announce our dreams in public ,we are more likely to achieve it

Gauri Bellad is a Multipassionate entrepreneur who doesnt believe in generalized profession. She is smartly combined her various micro passions in an umbrella topic to bring out the best version of herself. She is like that honey bee who likes to collect nector from variety of flowers and hence she loves to write on variety of topics that fancies her attention under the sun. Her variety is not just restricted to writing but various interests in life. Variety and creativity is the essence of her life.

Starting her blog in 2019 opened and exposed her to new dimensions of her personality as a Multipotentialite. Which allowed her to stretch her arms further and today apart from a Holistic lifestyle blogger she is also a Holistic life coach an expert in crystals , sound healing , reprogramming subconscious mind, EFT( Emotional freedom technique)etc

Being a Depression and OCD survivor she aims to spread awareness among mental health victims to rebuild their self esteem and normalize the societal stigma attached to it, through Holistic living.

Being Spiritually inclined since her childhood she doesn’t believe in giving up the worldly pleasures but striking a perfect balance between materialistic and spiritual world like a new age contemporary monk.

Enthusiastically juggling her way through Blogging and Coaching she is also an Art and Craft Entrepreneur who wants to convert her creative juices in a work of art that can be cherished forever through recycled materials. Also building employment opportunities for local artisans and craftsman’s.

Being an Altruistic leader by heart, she believes in aligning passion an purpose together for a higher powerful vision. She is a curious researcher and aims to find a perfect recipe to live a fulfilled and purposeful life without regrets through Holistic living. She loves to see life at a 360% angle while making sense of it for collective human vision. Success to her is life lived without regret intentionally and purposefully for the greater good of humanity.

Well, today I dared to write my future version 2.0 because of this beautiful internership program by Digital Deepak. How about you wanna give it a try? It made me live every moment of my dream while I was writing. As much as I enjoyed writing it,it also gave me goosebumps. But what the heck ? I believe in shooting for the moon ,even if I miss it , I know I am going to land among the stars…

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