Digital Marketing for Beginners from a Blogger’s perspective

Disclaimer: This article is a part of Digital Marketing internship program. The original content belongs to the Digital Deepak. However written in my version and perspective as a blogger.

What can a Multipotentialite like me ask for more ,when she gets lucky enough to combine her weekly blogs with weekly internship program assignment by Digital Deepak.

Today in this blog ,as the topic suggests I am going to explain the importance of Fundamentals of Digital Marketing in a simplified version from my perspective as a blogger assimilating all the information that I have learned from this internship.

I know this is not a part of my niche , but they say you remember facts better when you write , whatever you have learned.And this is an effort towards the same. Also I love sharing whatever new skill I learn with my readers and co bloggers and keep updating about my know hows as I believe in going with the flow of life, being a multipotentialite converting each mindful or mindless distraction into a beautiful memory.

No matter who you are a businessmen,an employee or an entrepreneur,the information I am going share with you all is generic and timeless applicable for any profession Because,

” Marketing is a game of perceptions. And perceptions can only be created by humans and no Robot “

~ Digital Deepak

Before plunging into the fundamentals of marketing I would like to break some myth attached to digital marketing . A lot of people think digital marketing needs to have a strong technical background in order to get hired in any related profession or even applying the skills in daily life as a businessman or entrepreneur in this world of internet hustle.

The fact is Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time through strategic and appropriate tools of marketing.

And to make this possible fundamentals of marketing sets the ground work for knowing how to use various digital marketing technologies .

Having thorough awareness of these core marketing fundamentals creates a better and more integral consumer experience .

Fundamentals of Marketing :

1. Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing:

To understand marketing first we need to understand types of marketing .Marketing starts with understanding the customer and customer needs that leads to creating a product that fits into their lifestyle.

Economically, based on the categories of people digital marketing is the best medium to reach affluent English speaking population.

Whereas ,Traditional marketing includes conventional methods of promoting the product like printed materials ,newspaper ads,TV ads,billboard and radio ads.

Though a lot of people think traditional marketing is dead,in reality traditional marketing is more easily understood by the local audiences specially in rural and semi urban areas .And has a high recall value as the print outs can be preserved for long. So it all depends on the economics of people of particular country.

2. Basics of Global Economics :

Economics affects the World we live in. As Economics is the study of the way in which money ,industry trade are organized in the society .It gives an useful insight into how different cultures and societies interact in the face of scarcity. Scarcity is that Human wants which exceeds what is available ,for more goods,services and resources .

A professor once explained ,Marketing is like having two parents i.e Economics and Psychology .And to understand Marketing you need to understand its genetics and consumer behaviors.

A countries economy goes up as the average age of the country goes up. And that is why every entrepreneur or businessmen should learn about Global economics inorder to make decisions in their business based on Economics standard of particular country.

3. CATT Marketing Funnel :

CATT stands for Content ,Attention ,Trust ,and Transaction. CATT is a technique and an approach to achieve the Marketing goals .CATT Marketing is based on Niche selection.

Wealth is equal to : N^ CATT

(N) Niche : Because your success and wealth depends on the niche you choose. In today’s cut throat competition its imperative to research on the niche in order to find where less competition is and where new & small business can achieve success.

(C) Content: Content is always the King .Yes its a clichéd sentence in the marketing world ,yet words have the power to strike more conversations with your potential customers ,through blog post or videos etc .

(A) Attention: Merely writing a good content will never grab everyone’s attention,unless you make an effort to drive your attention through various marketing tools like SEO,Social Media ,paid AD’s etc.

(T) Trust: Building trust is one of the important aspect of marketing and creating a Brand. Without a genuine concern for customers need ,no company can achieve a long lasting trust to maintain their permanent customers.

(T) Transaction: After building trust in your customers for your products and services it gets easier to convince them to purchase your advanced & high quality products .

This is one of the proven techniques followed by many businesses to acquire life long customers ,which they further add into their community.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing :

Integrated digital marketing combines all parts of Marketing communication to generate more leads. CATT funnel is executed through integrated Digital Marketing . Integrated digital marketing campaign presents a Holistic approach that combines the paid ,owned and earned digital marketing strategies to ensure a seamless and cost effective personal branding.

Personal Branding:

A Brand is the set of expectations ,memories ,stories and relationships that ,taken together account for a consumer decision to choose one product or service over another

~ Seth Godin

This is the magic that Personal Branding creates on the people because ultimately people want to hear from people on how they speak and how they conduct themselves as the brand owner that gives them a glimpse of trust over the brand and their products.

Mass Blue Print is the cycle of stages of personal branding through ones individual journey of evolution and growth acquiring certain skill sets and expertise which eventually converts them into a brand image .

Learn: It all starts with learning a new skill through concepts ,facts and procedures and research. Which leads to dicovering your own idea .

Work: This is the most difficult and tricky part .Many aim to be successful by acquiring knowledge, but fail to understand the importance of implementing it in real life and experimenting to bring out your own version of understanding, which is unique and only you can create. The one who does it have partially discovered their own identity as the brand.

Blog: Now converting your knowledge into a blog would not make much sense for you initially ,but when you write you understand better it refines and gives you more clarity day by day at the same time suggestion and likes from people ,which will boast your confidence to take your knowledge to next level. In short, blogging is that silent weapon which effortlessly brings you out as a brand without you knowing about it.

Consult : Now that you have created your personal brand through your blog ,have work experience and have learned the fundamentals start consulting other businesses instead of working for them.

Mentor: Mentoring others who want to become like you. Mentoring will help you scale your understanding to the whole new level .

Start up : The last step is starting your own product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market ,their pain points and their requirements.

Isn’t it one of the best and effortless way to emerge as brand through your own natural evolution.

As a Blogger I have always had doubts ,how other average blogs used to get so many likes and traffic ,just because they published regular posts and knew the Digital Marketing Algorithms. I was trapped in the myth that it is only for technically skilled people .

But today, by each assignment I am diving deeper into the fundamentals of marketing world and understanding it more strategically as a Blogger. Also making that extra efforts to understand my audience ,with the above power packed strategies and core principles .

With each assignments I am not only getting confident ,but have developed interest in Digital Marketing also . And why not Marketing education has a long shelf life because it is rooted in the human psychology .

In this article I have tried my best to simplify the knowledge that have received in the training in my own words. If you really found it easy to understand and think that I Should keep publishing Digital Marketing blogs occasionally ,though its not my primary niche I would be happy to start a new blog just for Digital Marketing and blogging , as this blog is all about Holistic Living and lifestyle.

Marketing & Sales is rooted in Human psychology and no computer can create conversations with humans. Marketing is all about communication and understanding economics & psychology. Marketing as a subject has been alive for thousands of years and it will continue in future . There will be never any artificial intelligence or algorithms replacing humans .

~ Digital Deepak

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