Finally the wait is over ….

Its almost being a month that I haven’t posted anything. My hands would often crave and feel discomfort of missing out on something which has been a default habit almost for the past two years. But this move was equally important for the growth of my blog.

And finally I was able to set up my first self hosted blog on with the help of DDIP training by

This experience of moving my blog from to has shifted my persona from a layman to a fairly equipped newbie in the tech world. My previous failed attempts has only made me more determined to learn the ABC’s of maintaining your own site

There is still a lot more to be learned and implemented in my new website as they say its a process and will take time.

In the meanwhile I would kindly request you all to please visit my new website and subscribe to my blog so I can keep you all updated with my weekly blogs in future in your emails

As much as I have missed writing ,I have also missed reading my fellow bloggers blogs on a sunny Sunday mornings. Looking forward to see you all in my new email list. Below is my Website link :

A very Happy New Year to you all ……………

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