Finally the wait is over ….

Its almost being a month that I haven’t posted anything. My hands would often crave and feel discomfort of missing out on something which has been a default habit almost for the past two years. But this move was equally important for the growth of my blog. And finally I was able to set up my first self hosted blog on with the help of DDIP training by This experience of moving my blog from to has shifted my persona from a layman to a fairly equipped newbie in the tech world. My previous failed attempts … Continue reading Finally the wait is over ….

Why me ? Why me ?

That time in my life will never forget . I wish I could slip back in there forever. And get that glimmering glance of yours over and over again. The day my heart had fallen for you at an intensity of magnetic proportions You had that unique spark. I wonder why my heart would often park ,dont know why ,as if I found the mystery of my past. I was not the one who would so easily ,romantically get involved at my first glance. But I failed to understand the hidden chemistry of our jittery interactions . They felt so … Continue reading Why me ? Why me ?

I am only human and I bleed when I fall down

Apology letter 3 To my virtual family , There comes a time in life where you are not able to assess whats causing so much of frustration and overwhelming feeling which takes a toll on your health. While passing through this phase, I have learned & unlearned, failed and fallen many times till there was only one option left i.e accepting the situation at hand and taking 100 % responsibility. I guess this itself was the learning from this situation. The roles of women are so unpredictable that in the middle of the race ,sometimes they have to take the … Continue reading I am only human and I bleed when I fall down

My Future version 2.0 (2025)

NOTE : The Anouncement of my version 2.0 is a part of Digital Deepak Internship program. As per the assignment it is recommended that we publish our future self in public domain as it creates a pressure for you to become that person. When we announce our dreams in public ,we are more likely to achieve it Gauri Bellad is a Multipassionate entrepreneur who doesnt believe in generalized profession. She is smartly combined her various micro passions in an umbrella topic to bring out the best version of herself. She is like that honey bee who likes to collect nector … Continue reading My Future version 2.0 (2025)

Why Environment is an important element of Holistic living ?

When I was all of sudden transfered from the Chaotic pace of life in the city to a serene and most beautiful place in India i.e Jammu & Kashmir,my attention from my auto pilot had naturally shifted to this mesmerising beauty. I had ample of time to just observe my surrounding and reinvent my lost connection to nature. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this garden of delights. Never in my life I had seen such magically huge & colorful varieties of flowers. The blossom of cherry trees,view of majestic snow filled mountain ranges and the silence in this part … Continue reading Why Environment is an important element of Holistic living ?