The Power of you : Book Review

This book is a reflection of the authors heart and soul put in each and every sentence knitted so meticulously adding nuggets of gold in each paragraph you come across. It’s like a bagful of golden experiences shared by the author selflessly for the benefit of the reader. This book is not just a reference guide for the tools and techniques to rewire you brain, but it’s like a manual to look back upon again and again when you loose your way. Continue reading The Power of you : Book Review

7 Qualities that will help you live a Holistic Life

You must be already living a Healthy lifestyle, yet taking it to the next level to live more Holistically and designing the life of your dreams ,you need to adapt certain qualities that will help you design an authentic holistic life naturally without much efforts. As far as I know Holistic Living is all about living consciously. Due to this apparent fact mindfulness, awareness & intentional living holds a lot of value as these are the qualities that set the foundation to reach the final destination of Holistic living. They help you give the clarity & clear intention as to … Continue reading 7 Qualities that will help you live a Holistic Life

Holistic Living -Being a Conscious Creator of your own Life

There are a lot of myths & notion around Holistic living ,as Holistic living has always being associated with natural living or opting for natural healing modalities, going on a Plant based diet or going completely organic . Well I believe the true meaning of choosing to live a Holistic life is all about being your own creator. Having faith in yourself through awareness,mindfulness and living an intentional life with purpose. It’s all about designing your own life ,on your own terms ,keeping your genetic make ,your core values & beliefs in mind and creating a beautifully designed combination that … Continue reading Holistic Living -Being a Conscious Creator of your own Life

A Beginners guide for Holistic living

There is no hard or fast rule to follow Holistic lifestyle. I know we all are different when it comes to our upbringing ,belief systems and other environmental factors. There is no one size all fits for everyone. Everyone have a right to customize their own lifestyles. Holistic living is not about following a particular fad or lifestyle out of trend. It’s about observing as a whole and inculcating those habits and rituals in your lifestyle taking into mind your beliefs ,habits,experiences so that you can implement your own combination of balanced Holistic lifestyle. I too have designed my own … Continue reading A Beginners guide for Holistic living

What does ‘Happiness is a state of mind’really means ?

We all seek for long lasting happiness in our lives.They say, happiness is a state of mind. But can our minds really be happy all the time really? No right. Then what does this exactly means? Let me throw some light on this thought, to explain what exactly does this mean. One day human asked God, “God you have blessed me with everything, but where is the long lasting happiness ?. God replies to human ,” look within there is an option for long lasting happiness.”Next day human comes complaining,”God you said there is long lasting happiness within ,but I … Continue reading What does ‘Happiness is a state of mind’really means ?

Why today’s world needs a Holistic lifestyle?

Disclaimer: Following content is the compilation of various sources and not completely my content .The intention of this blog is to Emphasize the Holistic living which began even before human civilization had formed. Do we agree with the fact that we all are living in completely imbalanced world then what our ancestors lived. The air quality is deteriorated ,food is adulterated ,epidemics of obesity and lifestyle diseases is become a part of our life.Climate change over the period of time is another addition ,that we have literally forgotten which season comes when? Almost everyone in the fast paced world is … Continue reading Why today’s world needs a Holistic lifestyle?