Only you can plant the seed of inner growth inside you

Have you ever bumped into your old friend or long distance relative or acquaintance after many years and are absolutely thrilled and flabbergasted to see the incredible transformation they being through, with terms of maturity and character. The way they were before and the way they are now, isn’t it so inspiring to see. I also know its natural human tendency to feel envious and inquisitive at the same time. But have you ever thought of the life incidents they must have gone through and the hard work they must have put to make themselves so outstanding, almost like the best version of themselves.

Why do you think they have transformed so immaculately, while you are still the same? The difference lies in how you take life incidents and circumstances. Positively or negatively, do you take it as a learning experience or are you pushing yourself enough to work on it. Are you constantly making conscious efforts for your self growth, regardless of what ever situation you go through.

I know that inherently human beings constantly look for a change. May be in their appearances, their style, new places and adapting new culture, following all the new trends, trying new things and cuisines.

But self growth is not about the outer growth, but the inner evolution, something that adds weight to your character, something that makes you responsible citizen of the country, something that makes you completely calm and balanced person, something that urges others to blindly respect your views and opinions. Isn’t that an accomplished feeling in the whole world.

No matter, which level of professionalism or lifestyle you reach, or the luxuries you avail yourself, if ur innerself or soul lacks that inner self growth in you, you will always subconsciously think there is something still missing in your life, which is not able to give you that deep sense of satisfaction.

Learn to strive towards becoming that righteous person, someone who has alert conscience, someone who is constructing his character like a building, brick by brick, with all the right values and emotions with all the healthy habits and constructive thinking. This building of inner character will surely have strong roots and will make you unbreakable regardless of any tide life throws on us.

I know penning down any piece of advice is easy than practically practicing it, which is rather difficult, as everyone is cultured differently, have different lifestyles and habits, but if you consciously decide to take efforts to self analysis your self on ur strengths and weaknesses, one at a time with consistency, you will surely sow the seed of self growth permanently inside you…

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