Balanced life -An art we should keep learning

As a Teenager or Bachelorette I never bothered to strike that balance to my lifestyle because I was the only one who I had to take care of. And off course under very well nurturing care of our parents things just fall in place .

Until we get married which comes with a bundle of responsibilities which include not just ours,but your husband,kids and inlaws sometimes .And that’s when you start striking a balance to your life. Same applies to men too .As both share mutual responsibilities to workout the balance.

I am sure each and every individual is struggling for the same , specially who are in their Parenthood stage.Few people success,few don’t ,or I would rather say it is such a delicate balance ,that at some point in our life we are absolutely satisfied with it and at times it’s just not possible.As life keeps throwing curved balls ,while we are busy thriving to balance our lifestyle.A little distraction turns into frustration and stress.but the key is not to get shaken away by these distractions,such phases in our lives are unavoidable and out of our control.what we can do is just adjust yourself to that situation positively and patiently.

The key for balanced uncomplicated life is just in our hand .I believe it’s very crucial to have that constant conscious awareness of any particular situation,asking urself if you are crossing your limits ,or how do I get back in balance without responding negatively.

Remember practically ,we can never, achieve goal of stable balanced life , considering the side effects of the fast paced technological world & stress in addition ,but what we can do is keep learning the art of bringing back our lifestyle on track and eventually striking our regular balance.Why can’t we just train our minds to segregate responsibilities in all aspects of our life.Be it our physical, emotional, spiritual or social,that ways we can get hang over our limits and easier to strike our balance inadvertently.

It gives me a sense of satisfaction as human being to have controlled balanced life,which instantly discards unnecessary side effect of unbalanced lifestyle .What we only have to handle is a distraction on our way positively,which is absolutely unavoidable,as nothing can be permanent in the life. And just find our way back ,to keep learning the art of balancing….till we breathe.

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