10 Prominent differences between Self – respect and Ego

Looking at the heading many of you would be thinking, you really don’t need these pointers as you are very sure you don’t carry ego in the name of self – respect. Trust me, I was under the same impression all this while, until I left my glamorous job one day and there was nothing left that would boast my ego further.

There is a very thin fine line between Ego & Self respect. That’s why we easily get bemused with these two feelings. They both are commonly Elevated, with the sense of pride you feel. But the difference lies in, whether you feel the good pride or the bad pride. Good is associated with yourself as well as others achievements. Where as bad pride is just all about your accomplishments. So do you really carry the good or bad pride in the name of self – respect. Let’s find it out through the differences…

1. Superiority complex

* Egoistic people think that they are always superior then others. They have over confidence over their abilities.

* People with Self – respect treat everyone equally irrespective of their name, fame, power or recognition. As they believe every human being should be respected equally & no one is superior then the other.

2. Self – obsession

* Egoistic people are so self – obsessed and used to hear compliments always that they are not in a state to see others accomplishments or problems. Eventually hurting feelings of their loved ones.

* People with Self – respect are more grounded and balanced. Hence they not only think about themselves but also of the people around them & their well being.

3. Jealousy

* Since Egoistic people are so self obsessed and too much in to themselves, they cannot bear if someone else is doing better then them. They keep getting jealous & insecure of maintaining their image resulting in unhealthy competition out of jealousy.

* People with Self – respect are already content & happy with what they have. They compete with themselves & concentrate on Self – Growth rather.

4. Insecurity

* Many Egoistic people fake their identity because of insecurity and self – doubt deep down bothering them. They portray themselves to be good at everything. They use ego as defensive measure against failure.

* Self – respect is driven by the feeling of self – worth or self – confidence. Hence there is no question of being insecure.

6. Blaming others

* People with Ego will never accept their mistakes & tend to pass on the blame on others. They can’t digest the fact that they are imperfect.

* People with Self – respect wisely accept their mistakes as they know they can’t be always right.

7. Opinionated

* Since Egoistic people think that they are perfect all the time, they never bother to ask others opinions & suggestions as they think they are the best.

* People with Self – respect appreciate others opinions & suggestions as they don’t just respect their opinions but others too. They are aware of the fact that there are lot of people smarter than them.

8. Less bondings

* Over the period of time Egoist people turn snobbish & selfish, that friends or loved ones no more enjoy their company. As the ego comes between each conversation & plannings.

* Aware of the fact that people with Self – respect care for others too. They are frequently surrounded with like minded & genuine people.

9. Negative criticism

* If these people’s Ego is hurt by any chance it can turn their anger in to volcanic proportion, eventually resulting in a disastrous crime or incident.

* People with Self – respect often take criticism positively and they come out strongly out of it as they believe in their capabilities & inner self.

10. Hinder Self – Growth

* Well, people with Ego often think that they are already perfect and successful enough so they don’t bother to improve or learn new things. And hence their personal growth hampers gradually.

* Where as people with Self – respect always work towards their self – improvement.

Above everything keep in mind, that people with Self – respect have a great sense of self – awareness, about who & what they are, and where they stand in life. They never seek validation from others, as they are filled with genuine Self – love.

Next time if you think, that you are expecting a lot from other people ask urself, Are you crossing the level of ego in the name of self respect? Help urself with the differences and balance off ur Ego without compromising on ur Self – respect.

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