55 Healthy & Productive habits you should add to your routine now.

   Routines are the most effective way to access a disciplined life for accomplishing great things. Routines can be any ordinary chores like cleaning, cooking, self-care, hygiene, health related, work or any of ur personal requirements. However if you mindfully add some rewarding & healthy habits to it, it can really enrich your lifestyle twofold in just a matter of few months.
     I have tried compiling almost every productive & healthy habits I am aware of & have been practicing few of them already,also keeping the present scenario in mind. Hope this list of power packed habits brings out the outstanding personality hidden inside everyone of us during these testing times.

List of healthy & Productive habits you should add to your daily routine :
1. Start your mornings early.
2. Hydrate yourself first thing in the morning.(warm or hot water)
3. Adding lemon to your warm water will give you a good dose of vitamin-c, detoxifying your body.
4. Eat soaked almonds daily for healthy heart & great immunity.
5. Make your bed once you wake up in the morning.
6. Do Breathing exercises & Meditation at least for 15 mons for your mental well-being.
7. Read or listen to Positive Affirmations. They will keep   you uplifted in any negative situation.
8.Practice Gratitude and start your day with feeling of Contentness.
9. Plan your day in advance and watch how swiftly you finish all boring tasks with a feeling of accomplishment.
10. Have healthy and heavy Breakfast.
11. Pray before your meals, it’s a gesture of saying thanks to the giver of universe in  abundance.
12. Have plenty of Fluids & drink lots of Water throughout your day. It will keep you super energetic & healthy.
13. Declutter your workspace or desktop area daily.
14.Spend 20 mins in the morning sun ☀ and get a free dose of vitamin-D.
15. Organize your room and home on a regular basis.
16. Add probiotics to your diet regularly.
17.Wash your hands often.
18. Snack smartly.
19. Always be mindful & observant of your surrounding.
20. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
21. Boast your memory with memory games & brain exercises.
22. Invest in yourself.
23. Monitor your Ego on regular basis.
24.Choose self-improvement over gossips.
25. Devote time to build relationships & expanding your network.
26. Make it a point to motivate, compliment or atleast make someone smile a day.
27. Practice Patience. We need a lot of it in this distressing times.
28. Cut back on sugar, alcohol, smoke & caffeine. Anything in excess becomes slow poison.
29. Avoid the Mass media. Hear what you are suppose to know. Leave the rest. Life is too short to overthink.
30. Declutter your phone space on regular basis. It is a sensible habit as it makes your overloaded system work efficiently.
31. Prioritize stress management. Take a nap for 15 mins if you feel excessively drained.
32. Apart from  exercising, keep moving your body throughout the day.
33. Focus on your goals regardless of various distractions, boredom or  frustration from unfortunate circumstances.
34. Do a random act of kindness occasionally without any expectations.
35. It’s always a thoughtful idea to plan your monthly budgets for effective future investments.
36. Stop cribbing. Instead work on the problem & find a solution.
37. Improve your vocabulary on a regular basis. Learn at least 5 words daily. This will go. Long way for effective business communications.
38. Always try your best to stay positive no matter how your day turns out.
39. Listen to educational & uplifting podcast or motivational speeches like TED talks to keep yourself motivated daily.
40. Learn a new language. It not only feeds your brain, but strengthens your bonding with different communities all over the world.
41. Practice eating mindfully each & every morsel, without any support of entertainment or electronics.
42. Have a Creative hobby to nurture your souls need.
43. Add vitamin-C & multivitamin supplements to your diet.
44. Listen to music in the morning or before going off to sleep. It keeps your mood elevated.
45. Teach something innovative or any micro life lessons to your kids as a part of parenting process.
46. Its a great habit to walk after every meals for few mins.
47. Do gardening once in a while it keeps you connected to nature.
48. Eat atleast 20 gms of fibre daily along with good dose of proteins in your diet.
49. Keep urself updated with current affairs all around the world.
50. Self-Analyze yourself end of the day.
51. Do everything keeping environment in mind and not just your convenience. Get into the habit to think for greater good.
52. Read lots of books. Specially self – improvement books before going to bed.
53. Practice forgiveness end of the day. Forgive urself & others who hurt you. Restart your day fresh all over again.
54. Brush & floss your teeth daily before going to bed.
55. Prayers strengthens our faith in the universe & its timings. Its a deeply satisfying feeling every soul can experience. Pray before you sleep or anytime you are at bliss to thank the universe.
  Considering today’s distressing times, it would  be really kind of you all to pray for World peace along with your routine prayers.


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