Nothing really matters anymore …My depression story ( Through a series of blogs )

The untimely death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput due to a suicide have shaken the whole of India .Not only, exposing Nepotism in Bollywood but reconsidering serious approach and awareness of mental illness which has capability to impose such a brilliant & Multi-talented Star to the verge of suicide . It will almost be a month by now ,yet this news is simply undigesting and remains a mystery to his fans and loved ones.
Many of the actors,his fans claim it to be a planned murder. Which also could be a possibility.There are various theories and angles to be looked upon .No matter what police comes to a conclusion through investigation ,the truth for now in public’s eye remains the same ,that he committed suicide because of his ongoing depression.
I was never a great fan of him,but I really liked his last film ,where he was prominantly going to be among my favourite actors list. It really hurts me to say ,after discovering it later through his interviews and personal plans, he was not just a hardworking actor but a beautiful soul,which reflected childlike curiousity and enthusiasm for life ,which we can clearly see through his bucket lists .Losing someone with such a pure heart can sadden anyone deep inside.
This tragedy has naturally invoked a sense of urgency in my mind to raise awareness of depression & mental disorder to everyone who is going through it, in their lives regardless of their status , lifestyle and identity which really doesn’t matter ,when this pychological Strom tears u apart , making your mind against you .
Unfortunately the circumstances we are going through in the external world of pandemic, is simply aggravating this condition further ,leaving people with no option ,but suicide. Followed by this tragedy, there was another news after few days of a tik-tok star Siya Kakkar commiting suicide. She was just sixteen.
All these depressing news, one after other is a threatening sign for this generation for the months & years to come ,we are absolutely unaware what are we going to hear next.
This bitter truth ,has made me dig deeper on humanitarian grounds. knowing, some part of me has always experienced this hell . Yes ,you guessed it right ,I too have an untold story of my depression , anxiety & genetic OCD to be confessed. I had plans to disclose this truth one fine day on my blog publically and add a new topic to my niche about mental health.But kept postponing it ,may be because of the stigma attached to it ,I wanted to take time to talk about mental illness in my perspective , through my own experiences, till I was comfortable to come to terms to share it.
Hence today after a lot of thinking , I dare to share my story guilt-free, without thinking of my identity ,what people would think? as they will be criticizing you anyway. Today I speak up for this upcoming generation. Today I speak up for all those who hesitate to share their pain. Because only you ,and you know who the real you are,Rest doesn’t really matter.
So today I urge everyone,who is going through this hell, to speak up to someone close to you, get help from your doctor . Recover. Share your story in any form you wish,building awareness and removing this stigma attached to it forever.
Beyond all our materialistic identities , remember we are spiritual beings going through human experience, wake up your spiritual self ,to finish your journey on earth successfully, but never ever think of giving up. U are a worthy soul .

To be continued……..

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