Why Environment is an important element of Holistic living ?

When I was all of sudden transfered from the Chaotic pace of life in the city to a serene and most beautiful place in India i.e Jammu & Kashmir,my attention from my auto pilot had naturally shifted to this mesmerising beauty.

I had ample of time to just observe my surrounding and reinvent my lost connection to nature. I couldn’t keep my eyes off this garden of delights. Never in my life I had seen such magically huge & colorful varieties of flowers. The blossom of cherry trees,view of majestic snow filled mountain ranges and the silence in this part of world was even sensitive to the drop of a dry leaf from the garden.

During this time I was oblivious of the healing power of the nature on my shamefully sick mind. Neither I was known to the concept of Holistic living. When I look back today I can assure you that nature has some tremendous healing properties,if you only consciously shift your awareness to it in sheer silence .

The reason I am sharing this experience is ,when I was given an opportunity by the universe to get lost in its treasureful of beauty, I discovered a new truth in that moment of silence as my mind ,body and spirit were naturally aligned. Such is the power of the nature.

On the whole,when our awareness expands beyond our unison of our mind ,body and spirit, we start nourishing our surrounding too. We start appreciating the abundance around us. This is the magical essence of Holistic living.

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