I am only human and I bleed when I fall down

Apology letter 3

To my virtual family ,

There comes a time in life where you are not able to assess whats causing so much of frustration and overwhelming feeling which takes a toll on your health. While passing through this phase, I have learned & unlearned, failed and fallen many times till there was only one option left i.e accepting the situation at hand and taking 100 % responsibility.

I guess this itself was the learning from this situation. The roles of women are so unpredictable that in the middle of the race ,sometimes they have to take the back seat not by choice ,but for the wellbeing of her family.

Being a Multipotentialite ,a house wife and a mother to a hyper active child sometimes drains me to the core.

Though I know that I am on the right track as I have enrolled in Digital Marketing course by Digital Deepak which was in my waiting list for a long time.

The only thing that breaks my heart in the process is that I am not able to devote time for my blogs & research. Especially after discovering by going all over the place with my blog patterns that my blog is all about Holistic living. I have been more curious to understand and know more about holistic living .

Never mind, in the last few weeks I still managed to publish ,as my assignment was relevant to content writing and encouraged publishing ,but here on it would be little unpredictable for some time.

Considering all of this as a part of a new positive start , I also want to announce something exciting ,which was also in waiting list last year drowned in my trail and error process .

With gods grace this year with the help of digital deepak platform I am finally getting a second chance to move my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org .

I am super excited for this transition. At the same time little nervous to take this drastic step ,into the self hosting world, where I have to technically manage few things on my own.

The first time I had this thought ,of moving my blog, my very first question was how will I move my followers to my new self hosted site. Thankfully this problem has a way out which I have seen in couple of blogs and articles .

And that is how I am planning to carefully shift my followers and see you all on the other side of my website including this site as I am going to continue keeping this blog plan as well.

Because this is where I started my journey as a blogger and I deeply feel emotionally attached to this space.

From now on , until some time I am expecting my weekly publishing of blogs might get a bit shaky and irregular, until I get bit familiar with my new site.

In the meanwhile I promise to be active occasionally ,hoping to get ample time to read my fellow bloggers blogs . And a humble request to you all in advance to please subscribe to my blog and continue to be a part of this journey with me hand in hand with lots of priceless wisdom to come……

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