Why me ? Why me ?

Rear view on couple holding hands walking through foggy dark hedges in Northern Ireland Rear view on couple holding hands walking through foggy dark hedges in Northern Ireland. Black and white picture (RGB file). Black And White Stock Photo

That time in my life will never forget . I wish I could slip back in there forever. And get that glimmering glance of yours over and over again.

The day my heart had fallen for you at an intensity of magnetic proportions

You had that unique spark. I wonder why my heart would often park ,dont know why ,as if I found the mystery of my past.

I was not the one who would so easily ,romantically get involved at my first glance. But I failed to understand the hidden chemistry of our jittery interactions .

They felt so intense like our body languages already knew the secret behind our attractions

What was that ,which made my heart beat faster ,which paused everthing around me in your presence

Which convinced me in one glance that you are the one

What was that ? I really dint know was it love ? infatuation? or some secret deep connection which I can feel only in your presence like the one ‘soulmates’ feel.

I tried to refrain thinking it was some infatuation ,but I failed .

It was something more than that .And now I want to know .Gosh ,interacting with you was even so effortless ,easier than I thought . As if our lipsing already knew what would be our first words.

Discovering you was the best thing I ever knew . I wondered why was I so lucky to find the love of my life so soon ?

In your presence I felt complete . I felt blissfully comfortable and alive .

I could ask for nothing more just you and me infinite

The energy around us were devine and full of life . I could live there forever

so was our beauriful life

And then one day all of sudden you mysteriously disappeared in the woods leaving me alone

I cried my heart out and tried to find you out ,but all went in vain

My heart crumpled in pain. My existence shattered to a tiny grain but there was no trace of you.

I shouted and screamed for being mercilessly destined to have lost my true love forever . Why me ? Why me ?

But now I know why it all happened so fast to make me feel like the luckiest girl ever .

God was giving me that one final chance to feel that connection in the physical form with you for the last time ,before you finish your journey here and disappear forever in the vastness of universe

Where you could wait for me and guide through my journey on earth

Being my darling angel ,my dear twin soul ,I miss you so much …..

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